ALLOVERTOP Scholarship Program

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About the scholarship program

Well, there is need to give every student a chance to learn smoothly. This calls for a combination of efforts from different sources. Here at ALLOVERTOP, we would like to support a student to achieve their goals. That is why we have created $2000 scholarship program that is targeting college and university students. Maybe you could be the lucky one; no hassles or complex requirements needed. We just need your creativity, and we reward you; that is an easy task.

How to participate

As mentioned, participation is open to everyone in a college or university level. This is regardless your area or level of study. Now, to enable fairness and equality, each participating student must write and submit a 1500+ words essay on ‘Why is education important?’ That is pretty easy topic ideal for everyone; broad and leaves room for everyone to become a winner.


For one to be eligible to participate there is no doubt you must be college or university student. Through the identification document, we will make sure that only the genuine students are selected for our evaluation.

How to apply for the scholarship:

The application is online and easy. You just need to compose your 1500+ words essay and send it to Additionally, students to include name, sex, and email address(s). Send your files in DOC or PDF formats to ensure a smooth process.

General highlight:

Scholarship award: $2000
Topic to write: “Why is education important?”
Eligibility: University and College students; all levels and area of studies
Submission deadline: 11th December 2018
Winner announcement: 31st December 2018
For more information about ALLOVERTOP scholarship program, all queries and concerns should be aired to

Terms and rules:

  • The program is only open to college and university students
  • ALLOVERTOP reserve all the rights to evaluate and select the winner
  • Winner will receive the money directly into his/her account
  • No more application will be accepted after elapse of the deadline, i.e., 31st December 2018.

We wish all the participants best of luck and extemporary creativity.