Top 10 Best Circular Saw Blades

In order to make safe, smooth, and accurate cuts with your circular saw it certainly depends on having the correct blade to perform the job. There are certain things that you need to consider prior to purchasing a set of blades. What type of material will you be cutting is a great example of this. There is certainly no shortage of options available on the market. The number of choices could intimidate even the most experienced wood worker. That is […]

Top 10 Best Small Circular Saws

The circular saw is certainly one of the most common power tools that are used by both professionals and do it yourself homeowners today. They are extremely flexible. With the correct blade, a circular saw is capable of cutting ceramic tile, masonry, steel, and wood amongst many other construction materials. These days, technology has enabled power tool manufacturers to significantly reduce the size of the saws without giving up any power or cutting capabilities. This fact provides end users with […]