Top 10 Best Romantic Love Quotes for Him from the Heart

Many men believe it is a well-kept secret that they, too, have hearts. They are supposed to be manly men, impervious to the trappings and pitfalls of that emotion called love. Love is a thing they can simply take or leave. It doesn’t affect them to the extent that it affects the fairer sex. Men, for the most part, are immune to Cupid’s arrow. Hogwash. When the “right one” comes along, she will hold his heart in the palm of […]

Top 10 Best Romantic Love Quotes for Her from the Heart

Aaah, Love! Is there any more wonderful, precious, fulfilling, stressful, insane, terrifying word on the planet? Throughout history men and women have penned their thoughts, feelings, and opinions regarding the topic of the human heart and it’s longings. Everything from private letters, diaries, sonnets and poems, to today’s song lyrics from every genre has delved into this expansive subject, whether it’s to extol the virtues of wonderful, undying adoration; the darker side of the loss, pining, deception of, or battle […]