Top 10 Best Quality IPad Pro 9.7 inch Glass Screen Protectors

In this our 21st century, communication has gone on to another sphere. Before we were limited by the devices we could use, the people we could asses and more so the information we could acquire. But the iPad by apple provides you with a slim, sleek device that in your hand have the power to talk to anyone on the face of the earth, access all the information you want, take pictures, make a movie, post the movie online, access […]

Top 15 Best Quality Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Screen Protectors

A screen protector is a piece of material made from plastic, glass or any other convenient material that one lays on the phone’s screen to prevent it from either scratching, cracking due to hard falls or even make it look nice. For owners of the galaxy S7 or S7 edge, the screen might look really pretty when nude. But bear in mind that it is a glass screen which can easily get scratched or cracked taking away its beautiful look. […]

Top 10 Best Buy IPhone SE Screen Protectors

One of the most expensive parts of a phone is the screen. One may never know what may happen anytime to their phone regarding accidents. Also sometimes, we are supposed to receive calls and operate our phones with dirty hands. This can damage the screen incurring extra expenses while replacing it. What is a screen Protector? A skin protector is an additional sheet of material attached to the screen of an electronic device such as phone or a computer preventing […]

Top 10 Best Buy IPhone SE Wallet Case & Covers

What is IPhone SE Wallet Case & Case Protectors? Wallet Case & Case Protector is a product designed to protect phones from physical damage that maybe subjected to the phone. No one wants their phone screens to crack or their phone to get damaged physically in any way especially if they can help it; that is where the Wallet case and case protectors come in. Different phones have different casings that depend on the phone’s model. These product is available in […]

Top 5 Best Quality Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Case Chargers

What is a case charger? A case charger is an outer part of the phone that has in built batteries connected to your phone at all times. They are recharged at the same time as your phone. However, they add weight to your phone while giving it an extra protection. What are the different types of case chargers? Rugged case chargers. These are heavy and bulk but will give you more protection. They have reinforced corners reducing the impact of […]

What is the Best Micro SD Card for Samsung Galaxy S7?

Top 10 Best Micro SD Card for Samsung Galaxy S7: The microSD cars are very efficient and a reliable method of safe keeping your files and accessing them whenever you need them. If you find yourself stuck in the long traffic jams and having idle time, you can therefore easily meet your deadlines for the job at hand by conveniently accessing them. They also have a very high performance speed. Some of the best micro SD cards for Samsung Galaxy […]

Top 15 Best Quality Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Cases

What is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case? Is an exquisite outer cover that covers the outside of your exceptional Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from abrasions, scratches, fallings among many more. What is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Wallet Case? Is a premium outer cover that covers the whole of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from scratches and abrasions. It is usually made of high quality leather. What is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Waterproof Case? This premium Samsung Galaxy […]

Top 10 Best Quality Secure Digital Memory Cards in 2018

A memory card is a very important storage device. We use it in our cameras to store videos and pictures. We also use memory cards in our mobile phones so as to store various files and folders. It enables us to keep data that is beyond the memory capacity of our smartphone devices. Unfortunately, fake memory cards have also dominated the market today. They do not have enough storage capacity as labelled. Some easily crush after a short period of […]

Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Wireless Chargers

What is a wireless charger? Is an exceptional charger that uses an electromagnetic field to transfer electricity between 2 objects. What Are the Different Types of Wireless Charger? Chaoetech Iron Stand Wireless Charger Samsung Wireless Charging Pad Montar Air Car Mount Power Square Tango What Are the Advantages of Wireless Charger? Durable Stylish No more cables attached to your charger Your phones USB port won’t wear out after time due to not using a USB charger. Things You Need to […]

Top 15 Best Selling Waterproof Cases for Samsung Galaxy S7

What Is A Waterproof Case? A waterproof proof case refers to a water-resistant cover which is used to protect or shield devices from damaging effects of water. It is mainly placed on electronic devices because they easily get spoilt when their components come in contact with water. Different Types Of Waterproof Cases There are different types of waterproof cases depending on the manufacturer. They include NUUD waterproof cases, FRIEQ waterproof cases, JOTO Waterproof cases, TEAL waterproof cases, YOSH waterproof cases, […]

Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Accessories

Samsung has long been in competition with Apple in the handheld market. As of March 11, they may have been broken the deadlock and with the release of their S7 series of handhelds, you now see the fruits of their labors. The S7 series represents a new generation of hardware platforms combined with a new 64-bit operating system that android can stack up against Apple’s iOS and come off the victor. However, even these highly advanced handhelds still require something […]

Top 10 Best Selfie Sticks & Cell Phone Tripods

What is a Selfie Stick or Monopod? A selfie stick or monopod is a device that is used to take selfie photographs just by positioning the smartphone or camera beyond the reasonable reach of the users arm. In most cases, the metals are typically extendable and come with a handle on one end along with an adjustable clamp on the other end to hold your smartphone in position. Some models come with Bluetooth and remote controls thus allowing the user to […]

What Should I Buy Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge | Full Phone Specifications?

For a phone to be appealing, it has to have enough changes that improve earlier versions. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will awe you in a way that the predecessors did not. It gets so many features right and extends the usefulness of the Galaxy S6 family. It has the greatest of features leaving nothing to perfect. This guide will particularly point out that this is the best phone to have. It is a comprehensive review of these […]

Top 10 Best Quality Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Wallet Cases

For those who are not aware, a wallet a case is just a unique type of phone cover that comes with a host of functionalities to help protect the phone from high impact falls scratches and even dust as well as other elements. The ideal wallet not only helps protect your smartphone, but it also lets you do so with an appealing and well designed exterior design for aesthetic appeal. There are countless types of wallet cases on the market, […]