List of Fastest Animals On the Earth

Cars, trucks and planes are considered to be able to go very fast. But there are some very fast animals in our world too.┬áPeople are very curious about the fastest animals in the world. So this article will discuss a list of the fastest animals on earth. What is the fastest land animal in the world? The cheetah is a beautiful large wild cat that lives in Africa and roams in the nations of Somalia, Senegal, and South Africa. It […]

List of Most Dangerous Animals in The World 2016

Danger fascinates us. This is evident in the movies we watch, articles in magazine and newscasts that contain people performing dangerous acts or coming into contact with dangerous animals. When we think about dangerous animals it is usually an animal that is large, with big teeth, sharp claws and maybe one that makes a loud growl or roar. What we don’t realize is that appearances may be deceiving. While we’re worrying about the largest animal it may be the small […]